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Occupational medicine

A healthy employee is a productive employee. Take care of your employees’ health!

Although occupational medicine is perceived by many as just an assumed cost of some legal obligations assumed, we believe it is in your interest and your business to take care of this aspect.

Therefore, we offer the occupational medicine services that aim to identify occupational hazards, labour skills testing of the employees and early diagnosis of illnesses, thus preventing absenteeism in the workplace.

We offer a wide territorial coverage and can ensure the movement of the medical teams for medical tests at the headquarter and the premises of your company.

We offer a complete set of occupational medicine services of high quality, streamlining, through prevention, the possible costs with the employees:

  1. national coverage in specialised clinics;
  2. travel to the client;
  3. rapid release of results;
  4. a specialised dispatcher which informs you on all medical opinions: a) what medical opinions are about to expire; information needed in case of job changing or position; low validity opinions or opinions required in situations of delegation or detachment;
  5. automatic medical monitoring system for the validity of opinions;
  6. identification of occupational risks and health analyses specific, according to the reality of the existing risks;
  7. flexibility to customer needs;
  8. support for permits in catering, establishments of education, health units, bars and restaurants.

We are focused only on occupational medicine.
This is the only activity of our medical division. All the specialists in this department are trained and certified in occupational medicine services.

We do an analysis of trends and predispositions to illnesses.
We issue annually the report of the occupational physician, through which we communicate our conclusions to labour protection departments in the partner companies.

We monitor absenteeism from work
We analyse the causes that led to the temporary inability to work, to succeed minimising or to prevent them.

We advise in the event of retirement on medical grounds.
Where we see potential medical unfitness situations, we advise the employer either for retirement on medical grounds, or to change to a position suitable for the medical condition of the employee.

We advise to assess stress factors
We identify the risk factors for stress and provide solutions to reduce them.

We advise in the following situations: night work, working at heights, working with hazardous chemicals, the ability to drive propelled vehicles, limitations caused by claustrophobia

We offer treatment solutions to the diagnosed employees
Either the diseases come from personal life, lifestyle or domestic events.

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