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Health & Safety

Keep your business safe with CSC services for safety.

The fact that you are responsible for the proper development of the business, but also for the safety of your employees, can become a burden. CCS catalog for work safety gives you, however, a safe and efficient development of employees and your business. We are a team of engineers, each specialised in the mechanical, electrical or construction areas. We have over 10 years experience in services of labour safety, and that helps us find customised solutions according to the needs and features of your company.

Over the accomplished projects and accumulated experience, we have seen that safety is a sensitive topic for both companies in the industrial and construction and those of services. Indeed, there are areas that require attention and safety projects for which the work safety is the basis of the activity. For them, we offer our expertise and our responsibility that we help you think about them and implement them head to toe without penalties.

We are specialised in all areas related to safety, just for you, to be really useful: a consultant and reliable partner, both in the execution phase and plans.
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1. We do an internal audit for free, which ensures that the deal is in accordance with legal requirements in safety.
Because safety is a legal requirement and breach of duties is an offence supported by the legal representative.
What does the audit: We make a series of predetermined visits to evaluate the specific documents and activities carried out by your employees, in order to identify nonconformities of work safety. At the end of the audit you receive an audit report with all our records and observations.

2. We prepare and organise all safety procedures identified in the internal compliance audit.
What this means:
to implement all necessary procedures in the field of work safety, according to legal requirements.

3. Audits and regular visits to monitor the activity and the degree of implementation of work safety procedures.
How to do it:
monitoring the implementation of work security processes through regular audits. We see the evolution of your business and the necessary work security documents and procedures required in relation to the works.

4. We represent in case of ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate) control and auditing of ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) certification entities.
How do we do:
We get physically present when labour inspectors or certification inspectors come. And we assume he work done for you until then.

If you answer NO to most of the questions below, then you obviously need labour safety services. And one solution could be to contact us right now to remedy the situation.

  1. Have been activities of work safety in your organisation revised in the last 12 months?
  2. If you had today a comprehensive inspection of the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, would you get out of it without incurring penalties?
  3. Are you in possession of an assessment of occupational hazards? More specifically: have you developed prevention and protection plan for the current year?
  4. In your organisation is there a clear division of roles and responsibilities for safety at work(defined in writing for all groups in the organisation and systematically evaluated)?
  5. Were the employees properly trained in all applicable safety regulations (and the required documentation drafted legislation)?
  6. If a work accident occurs, are you ready to face investigation entities?
  7. If a fire occurs in your company, are your employees trained and know what to do to mitigate the consequences?
  8. If an unwanted accidents, are your employees trained to provide first aid at the accident site?
  9. In your organisation, was an internal audit done on the level of compliance with legislation on labour protection?

If NO, ask right now a customised offer for your needs.

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