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Trade Registry

Setting up: SRL (Limited Liability Company), SRL-D (Limited Liability Company – Debutant), PFA (self-employed). Amending. Dissolution

Along the way of a successful businessman, in addition to the risk-taking and satisfaction of the evolution, it is also a lot of responsibility. There’s nothing scary, but it’s good to know from the start, right from the incorporation of the company, all the rights and obligations and get your specialists to smooth the way. Be it setting the SRL, SRL-D, establishing PFA, amending or dissolution, we’re here with tips that always keep up with law changes.

Our services are not only the incorporation of the company, amend or dissolve it. We have departments that can help with all the other aspects of your business, depending on the needs and particularities of your activity: we have specialists in financial accounting, taxation, human resources, coaching, and the list continues. Thus, our consultancy helps to take informed and accurate decisions, to streamline costs and to do all the steps for development.

We are your representatives both in relation with the Trade Register for register the company, but also in relation with the local tax authorities or the Labour Inspectorate. Thus, you can start your work really soon.
See all subservices below.

  1. Reservation of the company’s name
  2. Reservation of the company’s emblem (logo)
  3. Company Formation
  4. Setting up PFA
  5. Setting associations, foundations, sports clubs
  6. Changing companies
  7. Changing associates, foundations, sports clubs
  8. Dissolution of companies
  9. Dissolution of PFA
  10. Dissolution of associates, foundations, sports clubs
  11. Entries and endorsements
  12. Providing information and ascertaining certificates
  • Legal advice and assistance in the incorporation or amending of the company.
  • Recoding the objects of a company under the new CAEN Code which came into force from January 2008.
  • Changes of the company’s name.
  • Change of the registration certificate because of the tax attribute modification.
  • Transfer of shares (entrance or exit of a partner or shareholder in the company).
  • The appointment or dismissal of a manager in a company.
  • Increase of share capital by cash or in kind.
  • Decrease of the share capital.
  • Obtaining the operating permits by the Trade Register (IDPs, Labour Protection, Environment, Health and Veterinary) for working points and headquarter’s activity.
  • Change of the registered office.
  • Setting up working points, including obtaining approvals or authorisations mentioned above.
  • Declaring the main activity.
  • Declaring or expansions of the secondary activity.
  • The suspension of a business activity for a period of maximum 3 years from the Trade Register.
  • Moving clerical errors.
  • Change of the legal form of a company.
  • Getting ascertaining certificates.
  • Mergers, dissolutions, liquidations, strikes-off.
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