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Labour Law

360° Consultancy regarding the Labour code

Labour law is a vast field, which regulates and covers all professional processes involved in the staff work. So for helping you properly and effectively, our consultancy and experience cover everything related to the Labour Code: labour legislation (Labour Code), labour protection law, social security law, social dialogue (collective labour agreement), disciplinary liability, material responsibility of the employee, organisation and workload and other legislation applicable to the relationship between employer and employee.

Here’s how the Labour Code is, in fact, closely linked to all other legislation that protects the rights of employees (from a simple annual leave to a work accident. Therefore our approach is comprehensive: we offer you advice so that solutions do not conflict with other laws, and you do not need many suppliers.

We do not believe in standard solutions, so think advice is applicable depending on what your needs and your business, whether for work in construction, industry or services. We have over 12 years of experience at national, community and extra-community levels and our knowledge include labour legislation in relation to European directives and international agreements regulating the labour migration, the local or international detachment and delegation. Therefore we say that our solutions are truly complete and they not only streamlines your time and costs but the work quality.
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  • Consultancy in Labour Code for business
  • Consultancy in companies restructuring processes
  • Consultancy in social dialogue and collective agreements
  • Consultancy in trade unions activities
  • Consultancy in employers activities
  • Consultancy in firm transfer activities
  • Consultancy on income tax deduction for employees in the IT and Telecommunications
  • Consultancy in detachment in the European space
  • Consultancy in labour mediation
  • Consultancy in work placement
  • Consultancy in individual employment contract execution
  • Consultancy in collective dismissal
  • Consultancy in labour disputes
  • Consultancy in personal leasing
  • Consultancy in Internal rules of procedure
  • Consultancy in organisation and functioning Regulation
  • Consultancy in payment agreement
  • Consultancy in human resources organisation
  • Consulting in clauses regarding the personnel training
  • Consultancy in disciplinary liabilities
  • Consultancy in material responsibility
  • European directives Consulting
  • Consultancy in intellectual property rights
  • Consultancy in Employment in the processes of Mergers, Acquisitions and clearing firms
  • Over 12 years of experience in consulting and services market practiced in Romania, European space, Asia and the Arab peninsula.
  • The skilled team.
  • Expertise in construction, various industries and services.
  • The team of experts in labour relations, lawyers specialised in labour law, accountants and specialists in occupational safety. A complete team.
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