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Make profit and invest intelligently. Accounting is in our care.

Regardless of the size and the activity of your business, accounting is a mandatory field. And for all it is required to have someone experienced to offer you professional accounting services. By professional we understand to perfectly know the law and how to apply it to your business specifics, to give you intelligent advice, to see all the opportunities and threats, to communicate transparently and to give you anytime access to information.

All are characteristics are successfully met by the City Square team. In addition, why should you be internally complicated if you have the opportunity to outsource this service to a company accredited by CECCAR (The Body of Licensed Experts and Accountants of Romania) and with over 10 years experience in accounting from Romania? We are ready to offer you personalised support, covering the full range of accounting services that your business needs, or even to increase the efficiency of your own accountants.
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  • The partnership with us gives you safety, confidence that the bookkeeping is as it should be and more time devoted to the development of your company.
  • We represent you afront any controls. You won’t be constrained to suspend your work in case you have to answer before the organs of control.
  • A partnership with us reduces the risk that any processing errors occur in any document or information.
  • You have a City Square consultant who can advise before taking a decision with economic impact.
  • We provide a stable basis of data and information necessary to support your management decisions.
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