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Free Audit Labour Law

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Whatever the size of your company, it is better to know and act preventively when it comes to documents prepared for labor relations with own employees. Whether they are simple employment contracts, regulations or internal procedures, they must comply with legal requirements, but to defend the interests of the company.

Internal audit compliance of labor law aims not only legal compliance documents, but also risks to which the company is exposed in the event that does not cover documents drawn up and its interests in relation to the activity field. Choose to be the first who learns, before you deal with situations of control of labor inspectors or labor disputes and courts after work relations with employees. Learn, preventively, about the nonconformities and corrective measures!

How does internal compliance audit work?

  • sign a confidentiality clause which makes sure that all the information we are aware only be reported to the company’s legal representative;
  • we come to the working place, analyse workspaces, used equipment, activities and organisation chart of the company and how the positions are defined regarding tasks, duties, responsibilities and authority;
  • analyse specific personnel records and human resources documents (internal regulation, collective agreement, procedures, optional clauses, etc);
  • Introducing, in a written report all necessary measures to able to safely carry out in relation to employees and labor inspectorates, but to the interests of the unit;
  • Introducing, in a written report, the possible penalties to which the company is exposed and how to resolve;
  • on request, we participate in remedying nonconformities
Available until 31.12.2016
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