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Human Resources Services for Microentreprises

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If you are a microentreprise – which means you do not have many documents per month and probably you do not want to pay a monthly subscription to a consultancy company, but still want to be sure that human resources documents are well prepared, choose the service for drafting the human resources documents with payment at completion.

Thus, for any drafted document (labor contract, addendum, suspension decision, certificate, etc.) will pay a single cost when you need it, and only then.

Additionally, we FREE manage the REVISAL database, make records and communicate the Labour Inspectorate any necessary modifications.

Hire safe: avoid fines even if you are a beginner. Pay a flat fee of 15 € / document when you need it in relation to your employees.

Rates are not applicable for documents as: job description, internal regulation or collective agreement.

15 lei
Available until 31.12.2016
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