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Safety on the construction site

The Construction site: a unique environment with special requirements.

As not everyone can handle constructions for the heavy infrastructure of a country, so no skilled labour protection specialist may not perform in the field of construction sites. As we reach today’s practitioners in safety on construction sites, we passed successfully all the steps for required qualifications: years of experience (you need at least 5 years of experience), skilled in engineering and additional qualifications for coordination activities. Because it’s a role with more responsibility, training must be on the same measure.

Projects in the construction industry have a very high degree of risk, whether in terms of workplace accidents or occupational diseases in the. So I dedicated a special division for this area consulting, in order to help you take your end safely go to any proposed civil, industrial or embankments.

Our teams of consultants nationwide mobile, are ready to give you support in any building project, coordinate sites in terms of labor protection or to make your training for proper use special protective equipment (at height activities) and help you to follow all legal norms specific safety.

We cover a wide range services for the work security:

  • Consultancy and services specific to construction sites: dedicated subcontractors; on the site organisation; works dedicated to entrepreneurs or general contractors, on the construction activities in continuous traffic; safety at work dedicated to art pieces; research on work accidents.
  • Coordinating the work site security.
  • Inspections and compliance audit on the law applicable to construction sites
  • Trained personnel, specialised services dedicated to construction sites: drafting its plan for work safety; policies and procedures for access and collective training in labour security to access of the site; procedures and services for issuing “Safety Pass” licenses and permits; team leaders training; workers evaluation, etc.
  • We provide qualified personnel to coordinate construction sites, to coordinate civil industrial and embankment sites.

We are a team of qualified specialists in construction and long experience helps us to know all the risks of such area and healthy develop department on safety in construction sites. We are guided by several principles:

  • We expect to implement new security work system, not to find him ready implemented. We passed through the reluctance of people, so we have developed a managerial safety work system, which includes both educating participants and a preventive system.
  • For a real analysis of the situation, we do not talk to you from our office, but accompany you on site. Mobile teams of consultants provide services and consultancy through interaction with the working environment, workers and site management.
  • The goal is to finish the work in safe conditions and each participant to reach home safely. So far, we have succeeded. View our portfolio.
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