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Company incorporation

Enter the world of entrepreneurship

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship, according to the legislative regulations. Sounds good and at the same time a little intimidating. But if you have informed and correct specialists, things will go better and more smoothly than you think. If you want to set up a business, the first step is the incorporation of business – be it set as SRL (Limited Liability Company), PFA (self-employed) or SRL-D (Limited Liability Company – Debutant), we can help with any of these. Then we can advise you and our specialists will be with you with tips on various activities of the company.

But, first, to get the process of setting up the company, here are the documents required to start a business:

a. Identity cards of the associates (copy)
b. Notary declaration on the capacity of associated, of each individuals who will have such capacity (original)
c. Notary declaration on the capacity of Administrator, the person or persons who will be mandated to manage the company (original)
d. Administrator’s specimen of signature (original)
e. Proof of premises: bailment contract or lease contract for the space in which it will operate (copy)
f. The Articles of Association supplemented with specific elements (original)
g. Proof of the social capital established at the selected bank branch (copy)
h. Company’s name reservation (original)
i. Administrator statutory declaration of compliance with legal requirements applicable to the industry field of the company
j. Declaring the activities performed at the third parties or working point

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