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Financial accounting audit

The financial accounting audit: to develop your business safe.

When it comes to financial accounting audit, your best friends should be the auditors. They have the power to bring you peace of mind that every manager needs – our auditors are here to ensure that the company is all right and you can handle the business developments or the important moments you do not want to miss with your family.

Financial and accounting legislation in Romania is constantly changing and we believe you do not want to know from the inspectors that your business is not in compliance with the new laws in force. Be one step ahead of the financial investigators. Keep your business away from unnecessary risks!

Call for our specialists experience in auditing and accounting. Our auditors gives you a competent financial expertise, updated both in terms of the applicable legal requirements and procedures required for implementation. Thus, if you are the first who finds out if your activity and how it is managed in terms of financial accounting comply with legislation.

First, you call because you want to know that the work and the projects you carry out are in accordance with the law. Then call in certain specific moments:

  1. When the company wants the application of new accounting financial procedures; to be sure that no further errors will come up due to registering processes and new applicable procedures. Your own employees can participate with our specialists to review, and you get a correct and endorsed interpretation of the legislation, which can then be applied in the company.
  2. When you have running processes or when to implement processes based on procedures issued. Our consultants in accounting audit gives you a personalised interpretation of the accounting legislation applied even on the type of activity and the projects you undertake.

A reliable partnership, which guarantees the safety of your business in terms of accounting. We help business to achieve their all economic goals using three main tools, which eliminate the risk of irregularities and ensure an upward path:

  1. We measure your business performance.
  2. We provide financial risk management.
  3. We ensure the correct application of knowledge in finance and accounting.
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