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A1 form

If you want to be an European player, you must know the rules

The first step to be in line with European regulations means to obtain A1 form. It ensures compliance with European legislation regarding work abroad. And believe us, this form is a very serious issue, which distinguishes a professional company from one that you avoid to do business with.

So whether your employees work for your company or you detached/delegated to work for another employer for a limited time, more than 7 days, we can help in obtaining A1 form. Besides saving you the difficult process to get all documents, we are there to help you avoid unpleasant situations in which you find out that you did not follow the European legislation.

Since we are always updated with the latest changes in the European legislation, both in terms of labour and community taxation, we offer professional services and consultancy, to be always in perfect legality and pass with ease the process for obtaining A1 form.

  1. We do the documents necessary to complete the application files for A1 certificates.
  2. We prepare the application files for A1 certificates.
  3. We register requests for the certificates A1 at the Social Insurance House.

It’s important to know the type of activities of your employees abroad, to not skip any detail in obtaining A1 form. As everything is simple, we can offer you expert advice in four situations:

  1. If you work in the European space in own interest and your employees are hired in the State of origin.
  2. If you work in the European space for your partners and your employees are hired in the state of origin.
  3. You are a temporary labour agent and provide the employees in the State of origin to partners from other European countries.
  4. You detach employees hired in the State of origin to other employers in another European country.
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