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Collective agreements

The contracts concluded correctly and in time, the proof for your companys professionalism

When it comes to achieving a solid and irrefutable collective contract, you have to regard the situation as negotiations and implementation. In both cases, we are talking about a legal process for which you must be the master of legal regulations of labour law, to know very well the health insurance, to use tax regulations of payroll and safety.

It’s a process that needs, for the good of all, a third party, one could not be objective to ensure a fair negotiation process and made in time.

If you have at least 20 employees, we recommend you to outsource the preparation of the collective labour agreement to one of our consultants. He is ready to clarify your every further questions about the whole process of negotiating and implementing a collective labour contract. He will advise the entire period of negotiations and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

At this stage, our consultant in charge for everything related to the preparation of a collective contract:

  • Advises you and your employees during the collective negotiations.
  • Establishes a representative group of employees who will participate in negotiation with you.
  • Checks the eligibility of workers’ representatives.
  • Prepares minutes of negotiation between you and employees.

After establishing a clear path on the conditions for concluding a collective contract, our consultant deals their implementation:

  • Drafts collective contract after the agreement set by you and employees.
  • He’ll do its registration at the unit level, at the authorised entities
  • He will provide advice throughout the period of validity of collective labour contract on mediation of labour disputes.
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