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Protection equipments

Invest in safety equipment which really provides protection

The things that seem small at first look, can give you headaches at a closer look. As is the case of apparently simple safety equipment: choosing a pair of boots or overalls for your employees in construction does not seem a very complicated thing. But if you think that boots, overalls and helmet are safety equipment which must protect the builder in case of possible hazards (chemicals, heavy construction materials), then things change.

What seems a routine expense is actually an investment in the smooth running of the project and employee safety. Our experts know how to choose the safety equipment according to occupational hazards that must face. So before you buy, do a risk assessment training and know what to look at safety equipment. To ensure a good price with quality, we purchase directly from the manufacturers of safety equipment. So we can offer you the best report quality – demand.

  1. We offer consultancy on choosing safety equipment, according to the following criteria:
    a. the specific risks of the project;
    b. duration of the project;
    c. field of activity;
    d. environment in which work is carried out;
    e. seasonal period of works;
  2. We know the local market products.
  3. We work directly with manufacturers of safety equipment, sanitary materials and first aid kits or manufacturers of fire fighting means to ensure the required quality at a profitable price.
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