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Research of work accidents

How do you handle with possible work accidents?

Work accidents: no one wants, and that is why you have to be extremely cautious about them. A work accident is not something that happens often (may not happen at all), but if that occurs and you are not prepared for it, can produce a very great imbalance in the level of your company. Therefore we offer you a team of competent and polyvalent specialists in terms of technical knowledge.

Our team provides you consulting, professional risk assessment and investigation of work accidents, based on qualifications and certifications in specific fields: mechanical, electrical and construction. In case of an accident we assure you our support and confidentiality. We come to the accident and where the event involving employees from different employers, we organise the reconstitution event; thus ensure that remove the subjective factor of self-interest of employees representatives by third parties. The videos and images will lead us to analyse and solve the causes of the accident.

Following a work accident research, in addition to settlement, there is a part of prevention: actively participate, think and implement (through a presentation to the employees) a list of measures that reduce the risk of repeating such an accident.

Everything happens in the strictest confidence: all information, images and recordings are given to you without being made public. On request, we can keep them, but in the same terms of confidentiality.

Mobile teams of consultants with expertise in research work accidents come soon as they are announced, at the scene. There, these steps are followed:

  1. take images and evidence;
  2. draft sketches and drawings;
  3. record the statements of the witnesses;
  4. record the statements of the victim;
  5. represent the client in relation to the control entities, the police or prosecution;
  6. announce the work accident to the competent entities;
  7. compile research;
  8. register the accident to the authorised entities.
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