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RSVTI consultancy

Upon request of the clients, RSTVI operators are on duty

An internal RSVTI operator is the person who is responsible for all facilities that you use. An external RSVTI operator is qualified and licensed to help you efficiently and safely manage all technical machinery from the production spaces, temporary sites or deposits, giving you an objective view of the company.

Our operators are authorised RSVTI by CNCIR as external operators. The knowledge and skills of our team gives you a complete and preventive analysis of the managed equipment – we have mechanical electrical and hydraulic engineers – but also an analysis of employees – the human factor. All these help you work safely and in accordance with the latest legal provisions.

Staff authorisation and reauthorisation

  • we offer internal authorisation for staff operating pressure installations or lifting;
  • theoretical support and practical training courses for internal authorisation;
  • monitors and manages, through specialised applications, the authorisation validity.
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