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Providing of services

For what is not within the core business, use our it different types of events and projects; or maybe you help customers to organise them. Being complementary services to your business and most likely occasional, we offer you our support with our providing services teams.

Over time, our customers have helped us, through their requirements, to develop our service provision area and we came to offer you a wide range from which you can choose:
-for maintenance: cleaning services, care services, maintenance services;
-for organisation: logistics, assembly services;
-to promote: services to promote products, sampling services.

Thus, you use the services team just for a certain project. You do not need them to become your employees for which you must pay taxes and receive ITM controls. We are the ones who ensure, through their own resources, the management and supervision of employees during work. Our teams are ready to start work when you need them.

From cleaning and maintenance services to logistics and event management. If you have a need, come to find a solution.

  1. Preparing fairs and exhibitions (handling / installation / cleaning / advertising / sampling);
  2. Logistics services in specialised stores (manual and mechanised handling);
  3. Cleaning services in your premises;
  4. Cleaning services at the end of a builder works;
  5. Various of technical interventions (oil wells / industrial equipment);
  6. Painting and various rehabilitation activities;
  7. Gift wrapping services in shopping centres;
  8. Supplementing of internal teams in various activities;
  9. Waste collection services;
  10. Earthworks construction services (unqualified or qualified) – accessories roads.
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