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Mahatma Gandhi had some words which became very famous, saying: to be the change you want to see in the world. This requires commitment, courage and desire to progress. If you want your employees to hold and use such qualities, then you have to inspire them and encourage them in this regard. Business coaching helps you to learn much more about how organisational culture influences employees and how it can be used to serve the goals of your company.

There are many behaviours or reactions of your employees that you want to change. For this to happen, business coaching helps with a very healthy process, which first learns you to understand the true reasons why people behave as they do, then make the changes you want to see in your organisation. Thus, you may notice a positive development of the people who are under your leadership.

Here are some examples of cause and effect between organisational culture and employee behaviour that can help you better understand the importance of determining the real reasons. And with business coaching, to change them.

  1. If an employee is afraid of his superiors, he learns to avoid taking risks.
  2. If an employee is surrounded by a hypocritical environment, he learns to distort the truth.
  3. If an employee has low expectations, it is common for him to have small and limited objectives.
  4. If an employee is faced with a very rigid system, he learns to dodge.
  5. If an employee is ridiculed, learn to keep his ideas to himself.
  6. If an employee lives in an environment governed by formality, it will become a bureaucrat.
  7. If an employee is treated with distrust, he learns to be suspicious.
  8. If an employee is treated with hostility, he learns to deal with hostility in turn.
  9. If an employee is treated with indifference, he learns to not care.

By Business Coaching programs, you can get the change of attitudes and behaviours of your employees; you can influence the level of involvement and change how they relate to your organisation, to the employee and to the colleagues. Examples of behaviour changes and their causes:

  1. If an employee feels is appreciated, he learns to make further efforts.
  2. If an employee has to do with leadership, he learns to take various initiatives.
  3. If an employee is part of openness from others, he learns to be honest.
  4. If an employee has the opportunity to experience, he learns to be innovative.
  5. If an employee is surrounded by clear values, he will learn to prioritise.
  6. If an employee works in an environment where respect for the values ​​the client, he learns to provide outstanding services.
  7. If an employee is encouraged, he learns to be confident.
  8. If an employee has a positive outlook on things, he can make miracles.
  9. If an employee is facing challenges, he learns to master change.
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