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Labour legislation

What a labour law expert can do for you

Regarding the qualities of an expert in labour law, many would think that it’s just the simply content of the Labour Code. Well, any of our labour consultants is ready to contradict and say that to reach the stage of labour law expert, you need to know to apply labour legislation at local and European level, to know all the details of labour law and about drafting a collective contract.

Being the single element that mediates the relationship between you and your employees, it’s better not to omit any details on labour law when drafting a collective contract or an individual one.

In this regard, you can count on us as your expert partner in labour law. Our consultants will help you to respect labour laws in all its aspects: work safety legislation, the social security and the tax system when they conclude a contract combining the labour laws of Romania with the European one. Thus, you get an indestructible collective or individual contract and you are sure you followed to the last point the labour law.

Locally, since 2011, there were numerous changes to the labour law that, when used properly, can be of great use to you and your company. As a partner and labour law expert, we can help and support you in empowering your employees through proper, productive and profitable procedures of labour legislation.

If your company’s activities are beyond national borders, then it is important to be sure you comply with all the legal details at European level and complete them with those of Romania.

As the legislation of each country is different and can cause headaches, we advise to outsource this service to us. So reduce your risk of violation the labour law at European level, avoiding the payment of penalties or the occurrence of additional costs.

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