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Consultancy and work safety services

We know that any breach of the legal obligations on safety may result in serious consequences to suspend the business of the employer. So, our working procedures aim to ensure all required documents in cases of accident, namely to ensure protection in the workplace for both employees and employer.

On the other hand, the business activities are not identical, so there are no pre-written solutions applicable to all situations and do advise you not to resort to such a compromise.

In this regard, because we want to provide the best work safety services, we prefer to maintain a direct contact with our partners, communicate with the managers and people in charge and the people responsible for developing an internal policy of labour protection. We apply our knowledge and provide the services of work safety dynamically adapting to your needs and your employees.

Our mission is to form your employees and you, as manager of business that you operate locally or internationally. Everything is to understand how to prevent occupational risks and to follow all legal steps to respect job security.

We claim to represent each client in situations of control, based on the work prepared by City Square Center consultants and reports to the monitoring bodies for activities in the field of safety.

We want to know every detail of the work under consideration, so we pay visits to every working point, to find a customised solution to any problem. And, regardless of your field of activity, our consultants will provide the best expertise by:

  • Audit work safety and health
  • Developing programs to increase occupational safety
  • Compliance audit documents and procedures applicable according to legislative requirements
  • Work safety training in accordance with your area of activity
  • Work safety training, specially created for you and other people of the management
  • Develop further briefings for jobs which need additional permits, such as industrial and chemical industry
  • Unannounced visits on occupational work safety objectives
  • Monitoring programs and analysis of the index work.
    We want to be sure and really see how the safety procedures promoted in documents and briefings are applied at the workplace. We visit and inspect which produce reports that establish corrective measures.
  • We develop each control system of the work safety.
    Each system is different and adaptable to the environment working conditions, equipment and job tasks performed by workers. The purpose of these control systems is to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
  • We support real and interactive trainings.
    Through active interaction techniques with employees during trainings, we promote, among employees, knowledge of safety measures in the workplace. Thus we can offer something useful and tangible on preventing occupational accidents.
  • We provide various trainings for leaders.
    To increase the level of work safety, we give great importance to educating leaders, heads of groups and teams. And we provide managers training programs with complementary themes.
  • Additional trainings to jobs that require additional permits.
    Stoker. Forklift worker. Crane. Slinger. Drivers. Workers at height. Night workers. Workers in hazardous areas. Users of dangerous substances. Electricians.
  • We provide software and specific applications to streamline security processes at work.
    We use software to manage expiry dates for: fire extinguishers; First Aid kits; belt working at height; lanyards; protective equipment; medical tests; measurements of pollutants; noise measurements.
  • Develop our own procedures guidelines and information posters.
    To ensure the visibility of safety procedures, we properly mark in the workplace and draw up informative material designed to prevent high-risk behaviours.
  • We offer expertise and experience in local law policy IOSH, NEBOSH and OSHA.
    Along with knowledge of local legislation, we offer our partners the knowledge gained in international studies and projects where policies NEBOSH, IOSH or OSHA have been developed. They provide a broader view of protection and safety services.
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