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Evaluation of professional risk factors

Risk assessment, safety of your business

In addition to being a legal obligation, the professional risk assessment is an extremely useful method to avoid any unpleasant event in the company. Although management is an important branch of a company is often treated superficially, and the consequences are, therefore, much more unbearable.

We believe in the importance of OSH risk assessment domain and, through our partnership, we help you to identify and eliminate all risks within your company, regardless of their nature. You have a clear overview of the level of hazard, accident or possible delayed occupational disease. Using individual or complex assessments, we define clear safety measures at work, taking account of the cost of investment and legal requirements.

  1. Compliance with legal requirements in the field of occupational safety
  2. Awareness of occupational risk factors
  3. Develop security policies in accordance with the actual real professional risk factors
  4. Elimination of expenses on employees regarding the post-accident compensation and the occurrence of specific diseases profession
  5. Eliminating labor accident situations
  6. Increased workers morale in the execution of professional duties in safe conditions
  7. Reducing absenteeism at work resulted after illness, injury or disease arising from work activities
  8. Eliminating stress of the management in the absence of a work security policy
  • We are always updated about the apparent or hidden risks and their dynamics in the workplace, due to our involvement in projects and research.
  • Our evaluation includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers in the field, construction engineers and engineers in car construction, which allows us a full risk analysis.
  • Apply assessment methods nationally recognised which supplement with the international assessment methods, as IOSH and NEBOSH.
  • Watch the dynamics of employment after completion of the initial assessment. We know the work processes during assessment and then implement the necessary measures in accordance with occupational hazards identified.
  • Our goal is to provide practical and cost-effective measures, but also achievable.
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