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Health and safety audit

Health and safety: do not worry about any control

The difference between OSH services sand OSH services in accordance with the law can be very fine, and often changeable. Only continuous monitoring and periodic drawn up audit reports give you a proper dynamic of documents drawn up for health and safety. With City Square you are always assured and ready for any control regarding occupational safety.

Our partnership begins with a free audit health and safety. We do not want to be chosen for promises, but facts: Decide if you want to collaborate with us on the outcome of the compliance audits, which will show:

  1. if you expose yourself to possible fines as a result of shortcomings and existing nonconformities in the current job;
  2. what you have to do now to avoid unpleasant surprises discovered by the control inspectors;
  3. that the right decisions in case of work accidents;
  4. how to raise the level of safety in the workplace;
  5. how to protect yourself from the fear of accidents or control from ITM (Territorial Labour Inspectorate).

A partnership with us covers all types of activities in your business’s portfolio:

  • Audit to establish the level of compliance with national legal requirements
  • Audit to establish the level of compliance with security requirements established systems of work, IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) type
  • Audit to establish the level of compliance with security requirements established systems of work, NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) type

We accompany you throughout the process of developing your business. We ensure the proper functioning of the labour security by frequent visits to the existing working objectives and monitoring reports that ensure better work environment.

Our specialists in occupational health and safety audits are periodically monitoring, which helps to identify:

  • the implementation of security measures at work;
  • changes in the working environment, the advent of machines in the running processes;
  • the use of new chemical substances;
  • the advent of additional security risks at work;
  • establish additional security work measures, as the risks identified;
  • establishing deadlines to remedy nonconformities;
  • establishing responsible to remedy the nonconformities.

The audit report is presented during the specific briefings for work security or thematic meetings for labour protection. Thus, we ensure we help the practical implementation of policies and documentation, not only their establishment. And that, by interaction with workers and management during audits, we also educate and involve all participants. Experience has taught us that is the only way we can ensure optimum growth and maintaining the level of safety in the workplace, through direct contact with the real players in working processes.

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