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On-site Consultancy

We come where you need us: directly to you

If you need consultancy in human resources, occupational safety, fire prevention and fire fighting or an accounting expert directly in your the company, we come to your company and install there our office as long as you need our consulting company. Either as consultancy for an entire project or only certain aspects of it, whether you need us temporary or long term, our services are dedicated to you.

Sometimes outsourcing the services is no longer enough and then call for on-site consulting. So you are sure you directly have a specialist inside your company headquarters always in contact with senior consultants, a specialist who helps you to be always up to date and in compliance with the new regulations. With knowledge of the consultant and the whole team behind him you get the necessary IT licenses, which come bundled with the on-site consultancy.

When one man is not enough, we offer you a whole team that gives you advice for your business. Being all competent and certified, our consultants know how to find solutions to your problems and be within the time period and the set financial limit.

  1. Coordination of construction sites in terms of safety.
  2. Fire service.
  3. Consulting and management services for personnel and labour law.
  4. Payroll services.
  5. Consulting and primary accounting services.
  6. Consulting services and economic management.
  7. Consulting and financial auditing processes.
  8. Support in the negotiation and enforcement of collective agreements.
  9. Organising interviews and recruiting candidates
  1. You get a specialised and competent consultant, updated since the early days of collaboration.
  2. Receive services in relation to the expertise of a team of senior consultants – the consultant provided consults with senior consultants in other fields of expertise.
  3. You have direct contact with the consultant at your company headquarters.
  4. Receive the support of consultant in internal meetings of the company, within his competence field.
  5. The consultant knows the work processes and expertise in the field.
  6. The consultant is dedicated to a single project.
  7. You can receive a consultant on the project or in accordance with the company’s needs at no extra charge.
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