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Project Management

For a project correctly implemented, you should outsource the project management service.

When you have to think or to fill a chart of a new department with positions from the unskilled employees to the management, our skilled specialists help you to test its functionality before you implement it in your own company.Meaning that, from the junction of the personnel leasing and the management team available for your company, till the minimum required objectives.

Our support in project management is both coming from the consultancy specialists in specific areas of human resources (recruitment, occupational medicine, personnel administration, payroll, labour protection) and to implement an efficient and structured project. Thus, we take care of all your activities that would consume your precious time. We offer such respite to analyse, but also to actively participate in the ongoing project in your capacity of beneficiary and observer.

  1. We prepare the organisational chart and the positions;
  2. Establish a salary grid in relation to the work assigned;
  3. We prepare job descriptions for the entire department;
  4. We select and recruit personnel;
  5. We make the hiring process to select candidates;
  6. We provide employees by personnel leasing;
  7. We manage the personnel on integration within the project period;
  8. We monitor and evaluate the employees;
  9. We replace the underperforming employees;
  10. We give the client the team formed to comply with the company.
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