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CSC recruitment brings the right employee at the right time

A successful recruitment project is that which has as result a competent, motivated and loyal employee. Therefore recruitment is an issue we take very seriously at all stages: from ad posting the job announcement, to the selection of candidates and his integration in the company.

All CSC recruitment process is based on the assumption of project management so that we have established, from the beginning, the success criteria: clear and measurable results, firm deadlines. This happens if you need proper recruitment, temporary recruitment, personnel recruitment or seasonal labourers recruitment.

Experience, connections and database helps us to cover your company needs within a fast and efficient. Even the most ambitious requirements and resolving found us through specialist recruitment divisions.

  1. Analysis and defining the real needs of recruitment .
  2. Drawing job profile / candidate needed.
  3. Preparation of job vacancy.
  4. Identify the evaluation and performance criteria of the job.
  5. Preparation and publication of the recruitment.
  6. Analysis and selection of CVs.
  7. Organising job interviews.
  8. Organising professional tests during recruitment.
  9. Psychological analysis of the candidate, with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) specialists.
  10. Analysis of the management potential of the candidate by Neuro-Linguistic Programming specialists.
  11. Drawing interview sheets with records and interview reports.
  12. Organising the recruitment marketing campaigns to attract candidates.
  13. Client assistance during the employee’s integration in the work environment.
  1. Reduce fixed and recurring costs of the recruitment and selection.
  2. Collaborate with a professional team oriented to successful recruiting.
  3. Complete the internal recruitment capacity.
  4. you can access to modern recruitment tools without costly investment.
  5. You have complete control over the total costs due to a clear price structure.
  6. Free replacement of the candidate recruited by CSC during warranty period.
  7. You can choose to outsource the entire recruitment process or only certain stages, such as initial selection or competency assessment instruments.
  8. Enjoy a bigger warranty period.
  9. You have different periods of personnel guarantee of performance and management personnel.
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