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Every year, on the anniversary of City Square Centre in May, we launch the campaign of the 10 compliance audits free on prevention and fire fighting (PSI) designed for our new customers.

What it offers: get a confidential internal audit, on activities, in relation to the legal requirements of Law 307/2006 – Law on protection against fires and its implementing rules together with the applicable orders of the Ministry Of Defence and Internal Affairs (OMAI).

How does the compliance internal audit work?

  • sign a confidentiality clause which makes sure that all the information we are aware only be reported to the company’s legal representative;
  • we come to the working place, analyse workspaces, used equipment, activities and employee behaviour, as well as fire potential;
  • analyse the prevention and fire fighting documents already prepared in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Introducing, in a written report, all necessary measures for the safety against fires and the potential sources of fire;
  • Introducing, in a written report, recommendations for preparing all the prevention and fire fighting documents to cover all legal requirements;
  • on request, we participate in remedying nonconformities
Available until 31.12.2016
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