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Corporate Accounting

Keep your company healthy with a well done accounting!

A company with a good accounting system is a financially healthy company. With this idea in mind every time we start to advise a client regarding his company’s accounts. If the accounting is in professional hands, then you manage your business quietly. So far, our collaborations have resulted in healthy, long-term success business and managers focus on business development. That’s because, no matter where in the business the customer came, we analysed the situation and thought the best solutions that would solve the problem in the short term, but that would make a good long-term foundation.

A company should not be small, medium or large to benefit from the expertise of our specialists. For more than 10 years developing a team of professionals who know how to put knowledge and experience to your service and your company’s, to find procedures and the latest technology in financial accounting to find optimal solutions for the needs and peculiarities of your business.

That you can focus your efforts on your core business and its progress, we will help and advice we provide everything related to accounting services for a company.
Our consultants have not only experience, but also certified skills to take care of the administrative and financial side of your business:

1. Specific services accounting – accounting and financial document processing.

2. Permanent access to documents – scanning, extraction, validation and archiving documents.

3. Financial and accounting advice:
– Development and implementation of internal accounting procedures;
– Preparation of the accounting policies and procedures;
– Organise and implement plans for specific accounts, depending on company specifics: cost centres, product units, single or multi-currency systems;
– Economic analysis of company performance based on data previously recorded in the accounts (in financially months or years) by improving management reports;
– Implementation of accounting monographs for special projects, such as refinancing plans and other plans required taking into account the company policies

4. Services of financial, accounting, statistical reporting.

a. Preparing and submitting monthly statements – examples:

  • Journal Register, Sales Journal, Purchases Journal, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts;
  • Reports required by the National Bank of Romania;
  • Completing and filing of income tax, VAT Declaration, the Declaration of withholding tax statements on local taxes.

 b. Periodical financial statements and statistical reports – examples:

  • Preparation and submission of annual or half-yearly financial statements in accordance with local regulations;
  • Preparing accounting policies and procedures manual for the proper performance of the work in the company;
  • Design and prepare other reports required by Romanian authorities as part of tax;
  • Develop reports according to internal procedures.

5. Management Reporting

  • Providing comprehensive reporting regarding the management package;
  • Prepare periodic reports for management;
  • Preparing consolidated reports as required by the group of the company;
  • Providing comprehensive advice in accordance with local and international standards.

6. Recruitment in financial accounting field. Management

7. International Financial Reporting

8. Consultancy and services for start-up

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