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European detachment of the employees

Detachment of employees in European countries: opportunities, profits and responsibilities

Since the integration of Romania into the European space, the demand for foreign labour has increased. Also potential service offers and works abroad. Basically, the market of opportunities greatly expanded. Take advantage of this market opening and you have only to gain: your employees will gain more knowledge, your profits will increase, as well as the prestige of the firm.

Detachment of employees with employment term work contracts in a European country is subject to the legislation of our country and the EU. We advise you to avoid the inconvenience that may arise from the discrepancy between the legislations and to use a consultant specialised in these matters.

Our experts are always aware of changes in the legislation of each country and can offer you an intelligent solution if you decide to expand your business across borders.

  • If you provide services in temporary internationally projects and detach temporary workers.
  • If you are part of a group of companies and detach employees within the group.
  • If your main activity is the leasing of personal and temporary work.
  • We prepare legal forms for working abroad;
  • We advise on the taxation of salary requirements, applicable in the country where they are detaching;
  • We advise on cost optimisation with the remuneration for the detached employees;
  • We prepare the necessary folders for requesting and obtaining A1certificates;
  • We manage the relationship with the Pension Fund in the event of detachment or work accidents at European level;
  • Extend the period of validity for A1certificates, existing in the specific request files prepared by us.

We like to be the best in what we do and do not skip any step along the process. Our team is the ideal mix of practitioners in the field of individual and collective labour relations, lawyers specialised in European Labour Law and economists specialised in the field of taxation applicable to both national and European level.

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