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Human resources management

Human resource management. Path to performance

It’s not enough to have good employees if you do not have an efficient management of human resources. Any employee, no matter how loyal and professional is, would need motivation, reward, challenge and guidance. And we are here to ensure that your employees are motivated to increase performance along with your business.

It’s good to make from the beginning the difference between human resource management and human capital management. Both related to personnel management, but the differences are essential:

  1. Human resource management is dedicated to line managers; dealing with policies and strategies for human resources management and recruitment to achieve collective outcomes.
  2. human capital management is the set of rules, procedures and ways to get individual performance; basically if you have employees, you must take care of them, make sure you keep them to a performing level that tends towards optimum – which leads to your company’s profit.

Without a vision of responsible for human resources management, made with company managers, business is very hard to achieve their goals or to evolve. Our mission is to offer you a unified strategic vision on human resources management department; we help your line managers to highlight the full potential of human capital to achieve its objectives.

We built over time and with experience, training services of a winning mentality for future department managers. Method: actual management procedures, adapted to the economic environment and the fields of your business. Our specialised solutions come in the form of procedures and programs for human resources management, such as:

  • Human resource planning;
  • Planning succession processes of the generations in companies;
  • Recruiting strategic human resources, for each company objective;
  • Consultancy on the selection and appointment of staff with leadership skills;
  • Performance Management;
  • Motivational Policies;
  • Performance appraisal;
  • Evaluation of the employees to be promoted;
  • Supervision of the employees with poor performance;
  • Training and development of employees;
  • Securing the company’s staff in relation to competition;
  • Management of labour disputes.
  • Experience
    During our more than 12 years experience in human resources we developed projects in various industries in the economic environment in Romania and abroad.
  • The quality of our consultants
    Each of the consultants behind City Square Center has an enviable training in human resource management, neuro linguistic programming, coaching and human resource psychology.
  • Our consulting process
    We are proud of the results achieved both in the short and especially long term. Working with us generate an independent attitude about our involvement: after completing the contract, gained procedures can be implemented without collaborating with us.
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