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Prevention and Firefighting

How prepared are you for preventing and extinguishing fires?

When it comes to preventing and extinguishing fires, do not just tick requirements of the law, but you need your employees to be prepared for such situations. So ensure for you and for them the best protection against fires.

Our consultants help you to follow all relevant legal requirements (according to the law 307/2006), but also the specific work safety on prevention and fire fighting, evacuation and fire (according to law 319/2006).

Our consultancy is not just ensuring that you are protected against processes, inspectors and possible damages, but also practical help in the area of training and education of employees. We simulate, exercise and take effective measures necessary for your company.

  • Identification of fire risk within the production workshops or in the premises;
  • Training workers on the occurrence of fire prevention behaviour;
  • Training employees on behaviour during a fire and extinguishing intervention;
  • Training employees on the use of fire extinguishers, hydrants, regarding the safe evacuation of buildings;
  • Preparing documentation for target the place, identification and communication of information to the local fire brigade;
  • Drawing specific documentations, according to Law 307/2006;
  • Develop own instruction on preventing and extinguishing fires;
  • Develop evacuation plans and intervention in case of fire;
  • Consultancy on setting the number of extinguishers needed to surface.
  • a partnership with us gives you the confidence that you will be represented by an experienced third party before any fire brigade control.
  • our courses are practical and applied, your employees being placed in situations that reply real cases.
  • our qualified staff provides you with specific and applied measures to your situation work, traveling to your work points. There, they will conduct unannounced visits to monitor production processes and real job security in a fire situation.
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