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Închiriere de personal

Why should you hire, when it is more efficient to lease?

When you need capable personnel, but conditions do not allow you to hire, the personnel leasing is the solution to meet your needs. You get those employees selected and trained for the jobs you want, without the need of a dedicated human resources department to spend time and without interviews or job sites sites.

Besides time and money, the personnel leasing has a great gain: quality of service. Your company is not bound by contractual employees come by the personnel leasing, so when an employee does not meet your requirements, you dismissed him with no obligation. And the opposite is true: if an employee is really good, you can keep permanently in your company and benefit from the fact that he is already integrated into the team and familiar with the working style of the company.

We join you in taking any activity of human resources: from the selection and recruitment of employees, employment paperwork and occupational medicine, till providing the safety equipment and safety work services. Having in mind idea for the performance of our partnership, our goal is to offer you time to develop your core business while we take from you the adjacent activities.

  1. During peak periods of activity to supplement, temporary, own team.
  2. During the holidays, shopping centres, for packing work / collection or promotion of products or services.
  3. For sampling activities and promotions of products and services.
  4. When construction of temporary projects in other counties than the current where you operate.
  5. When you want to test employees in the workplace, through practical tests before taking into company.
  6. When you organise events, fairs or exhibitions.
  7. When you want to analyse the ability of employees to collective integration without the risk of being unable to fire.
  8. When you need a specialist for specific projects.
  9. When to expect approval organisational / senior management positions, but personnel is vital for current activity.
  10. When you need to replace an employee on sick leave.
  11. When you need to replace an employee who is on leave from growing baby.
  1. Selection and recruitment of candidates.
  2. Occupational health medical analyses.
  3. Employment paperwork and personnel administration.
  4. Acquisition and provision of safety equipment (where necessary).
  5. Calculation of the monthly salary.
  6. Payment of salary.
  7. Payment of fees related to the employees
  8. Taking over labour disputes.
  9. Taking the ITM controls and personal service provider.
  1. You decide when you need the personnel and after that, in the short term,, you will get employees, ready to start their work.
  2. You can dismiss the personnel anytime, depending on the needs and situations of difficulty.
  3. Avoid the possibility of being sued by the employee.
  4. Avoid the danger of collective dismissal.
  5. You benefit from the support of a consultant specialist in recruitment, personnel management, health and payroll.
  6. you avoid the possibility of some ITM fines.
  7. The responsibility of ITM controls is taken by the work agent.
  8. Streamline your business and earn for the productive business activity.
  9. It is an opportunity to test employees before hiring in your own firm.
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