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First aid courses

Sometimes a life depends on a simple first aid course

Security gets better safe than sorry. A smart word from people that could not be more true in case of first aid courses. First aid measures are required not only in any field, but are a moral obligation for every man responsible. First aid deserves attention and your involvement to mitigate or prevent unpleasant consequences that may occur.

Do you want to know how to act in case of an unwanted accident. You need your employees to know what and how to do if a colleague gets hurt. The steps that someone makes in the first seconds of the occurrence of an accident can determine the whole course of events, can save lives and why not admit it, they can get rid of unwanted processes.

Our specialists know the latest regulations of the European Reference Centre for first aid of the Red Cross International Federation and are happy to offer you specialised support in this area.

Our consultants support

  • specialised training for first aid, adapted from your work;
  • Regular briefings or additional premedical courses providing first aid maneuvres for the entire staff.

After simulations and training, our specialists in first aid courses issue the diploma for staff trained in first aid, valid for one year, to cover legal requirements for work safety and health.

Among the courses we support there are:

  • Training and authorisation courses for staff in case of emergency in work accidents (duration: 12 hours)
  • Preventive training courses for all staff (lasting 1-2 hours)

Staff training courses on the use of sanitary kits provided (duration: 1 hour)

First aid training sessions are designed to explain in greater detail the intervention in case of an work incident. Training fully contain:

  • Introduction to the first aid measures
  • The chain of survival
  • CPR S.V.B
  • Guidance rules in first aid
  • Getting psychological first aid
  • Safety for the people giving first aid
  • Cases in which you give first aid
  • First aid maneuvers

Among the training topics are practiced:

  • Applying methods of artificial respiration and cardio-respiratory resuscitation
  • Applying and changing bandages
  • Intervention in cases of respiratory arrest, shock, loss of consciousness, fractures, trauma, burns, frostbite and airway obstruction
  • Wound care and bleeding
  • Intervention in cases caused by exposure to heat, cold and electricity
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