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SSI-PSI-ENVIRONMENT for Construction Sites

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If your activity is in the construction field you have a minimum of obligations that, in case of failure, can lead to serious consequences at the level of your company – such as the minimum requirements of Law 307/2006, Law 319/2006, GD 300/2006 supplemented with implementing rules and with environmental requirements.

We know how difficult it is to work with different suppliers and how long you need to make sure that there is a communication and connection between them,that’s why we constitute a single operator who knows the client’s needs and necessities.

Choose full service of consulting in labor protection, fire fighting and environmental protection, service required for civil construction sites, industrial or embankment roads and bridges.

For a complete consulting and service agreement, you benefit from a reduction of 25% of the total value of the works.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Drawing a general safety plan at work.
  • Drawing your own/personalised security plan at work.
  • Implementing the requirements of Law 319/2006 – Law of work safety, together with the applicable provisions of GD 1425/2006 on implementing rules of law 319/2006.
  • Consulting and implementation services on legal requirements GD 300/2006 on minimum safety at work for temporary and mobile sites.
  • Consulting and implementation services on legal requirements Law 307/2006 regarding prevention and fire fighting.
  • Consultancy and services on the implementation of minimum legal requirements, applicable to Protect and preserve the environment.
  • Consulting services on the usage and locating the temporary stations for fuel.
  • Consultancy and services on the circulation and transit roads into and out of the site.
Available until 31.12.2016
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